#Boss Friday – Meet our Client Success Manager, Dan Miglin!

Odem Global: Introduce Yourself! DM: I’m Dan Miglin and I’m the newest member of the Odem team. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. OG: Where are you from? DM: I was born in Hoboken, NJ and have lived all over NJ and New England. OG: Tell us some cool facts about your […]

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Meet Generation Z-Targeting the World’s most Lucrative Demographic

Who is Gen Z? Generation Z represents the more than 60 million individuals born between the years of 1995 and 2012. With its oldest members barely able to buy a drink and it’s youngest still in preschool, Gen Z already holds an estimated $44 billion in buying power, which is only expected to grow. Experts […]

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Programmatic, CMOs and Brands – 5 Things you NEED to Know

No other moment in history has produced such remarkable times in a rapidly changing world, and programmatic marketing is the future. That said CMOs don’t wish for their brand showing up against dicey or low-quality content due to automated placement, but more CMOs and their agency partners need to take advantage of emergent programmatic. Programmatic […]

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Exercise Boosts Work Performance-10 Ways to Stay Active throughout the Work Day

The American Heart Association describes physical activity as “anything that makes you move your body and burn calories”. They also recommend that adults participate in approximately 75 to 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise every week. When broken down across seven days this goal seems easy enough to achieve, why then, are 80% of […]

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4 Apps to Make your Monday More Productive! (for Android/iOS)

Someone’s got a case of the Mond- NO! No more. We understand that coming off a weekend is a weekly burden that each of us in the workforce has to bear, but that does not justify dragging your feet and getting the bare minimum done. If your workflows are not automated, integrated, or intelligent/adaptable, then […]

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Ultimate Content Strategy Guide: Creating Content

Creating Content: The Anatomy of Content that Sells Standing the shoulders of giants is how many marketers have been creating content. Often, they become one themselves – you’re no different!. By this I mean take well-established bloggers in your respective space and thoroughly sink your teeth into their content. There are established influencers in your space. […]

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Pokemon Go WILL Make You Money: Here’s How.

Pokemon Go can and will make you money. We’re serious about that. Whether you are the owner of business, or an entrepreneur trying to make some passive income, we’ve got the tools you need to turn the latest gaming craze into a money maker. So let’s get started! What is Pokemon Go? According to The […]

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Content Strategy: The Ultimate Guide Pt.1: Research

Content Strategy is the “frame” in the vehicle that is content marketing. Content is the engine of this metaphorical car. Lastly, your unique value or perspective within your content is the fuel that makes the car go. Think about what that means for just a second. You CANNOT hope to get from point A to […]

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Odem Global: Introduce Yourself! AB: Hi there, my name is Amanda! OG: Where are you from? AB: I am originally from Middletown, CT; I have lived in NYC for just over a year now. OG: Tell us some cool facts about your childhood! AB: I have never been very athletic but when I was younger […]

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Viral Content – Gary Vaynerchuk’s “One Piece of Content Away”

Viral Content Comes from Creation Viral content creation is the cornerstone of organic growth.  When you create meaningful content that you’re genuinely passionate about, you will find an audience that will resonate with it. With an audience that resonates with your content, you build a community. That community will share your content with others so […]

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